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Hedge Work

Traditional hedge management

Hedge laying tends to be personalised and no two people will lay a hedge in exactly the same way. However, there are certain principles that remain the same.

First any accumulated rubbish, debris and old fencing materials should be removed.

Suitable growth under 100mm diameter should be laid over.

Traditional hedge laying will usually involve removing most of the existing growth and gaps will often be exposed.

Any significant gaps should be replanted with a double staggered row of suitable species (Blackthorn,Hawthorn, Hazel, Field Maple, Oak and Ash) using bare-rooted whips planted in a double staggered row at six plants per linear metre.

The stems should be left to grow on, as hedgerow standards should be selected from tree species rather than more shrub-like plants.

In development-site hedge management, stakes or pegs should be used to hold the laid stems in place.

Baler twine used in agricultural hedge management is not a suitable alternative.

The use of stakes or pegs will also help to create a more substantial barrier without having to use supplementary fencing.

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